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Retro Game Club

Mar 21, 2020

Season 2 Episode 10

Episode 42 (The answer to life, the universe and everything)




Topic: No sports right now, let’s play some sports games.

NHL ‘94 (Sega CD)

Ice Hockey (NES)

NBA 2k1 (Dreamcast)

NBA JAM (32x)


Bill Lambert Basketball (SNES)

Pole Position II (car racing probably cancelled for the season) (why does that even need a live crowd?)

Looney Toons B Ball (SNES)

Game Club Discussion

Batman (NES) 

Two ROM hacks released for this in the past week

Stinger (US)/Moero TwinBee (J)



New Game Club Games

Metal Marines (Win 3.1)



Music By:

I Love Lightning Bugs