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Retro Game Club

Oct 16, 2019

Episode 25






  • F-Zero: Amazing. 2x resolution and 8x scaling and was fine.
  • HyperZone:  Impressive game to begin with. 3x resolution and 8x scaling and I was fine! 
  • Street Racer: 2nd to HyperZone. Really helped the game.
  • Run Saber: Not sure where mode 7 was. Didn’t make it far
  • R Type 3. Same as F Zero
  • Wolfenstein: Slowed down. I toned it down.  Scaled it down a bit. Not sure if I liked the affect. The 2x res looked and played fine.
  • NHL Stanley Cup: worked great. Looked/played like a 32X game. Still not a good game. Gimmicky
  • Mech Warrior: HUGE difference. Ground/Water looked great. Played great.
  • Hong Kong’97 - not better, arguably worse
  • Flashback - looked pretty good, but didn’t make me any better at it
  • Doom - I think it was slower
  • Random notes: Made games feel like they had background capabilities of a 486 computer with the sprites of a SNES. It’s the 32X of the SNES. RetroArch seemed to be missing some important settings. (Resolution?). This is a different thing than emulation. It’s for people that want better/newer versions of retro games.


Game Club Discussion

Haunting! Starring PolterGuy

Monster in my Pocket


New Game Club Games

Ghost Trick (Nintendo DS)



Facebook Question(s):

What is your favorite horror-themed retro game?

Name a horror movie you think was successfully converted to or from a classic game.


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