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Retro Game Club

Sep 26, 2019

Episode 23



Nintendo is 130 years old today. (no link…)

This photographic retrospective of 'The Game Console' spans Atari to Xbox for less than $10

The story behind the tireless slog of porting Double Dragon to Genesis

Nintendo Suing Another ROM Site Into Oblivion

How a basement hacker transformed Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600

F1 Floppy Disk Emulator

Wireless mouse adapter for the Atari ST/Amiga

Polymega system showcases amazing Sega Saturn emulation

SNK Reveals The 20 Games For Neo Geo Arcade Stick

mGBA 0.7.3 with many fixes and better Cheat View

Golang on a Gameboy Advance

UI; Flycast (Dreamcast Emulator) coming to the Switch with JIT thanks to m4xw!

22 Years Later, A Major Milestone For RPGs Is Finally Coming West

Sega’s bringing the Virtual-On series to PS4

Sega Ages Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R Coming Soon To Japanese Switch eShop

The Next Castlevania Game Is Coming To Phones


New video reveals the shocking truth: the Street Fighter 2 CPU was an awful cheater

Topic: Doom

Doom Source Ports


Brief history and family tree



  • ZDoom and derivatives
  • Chocolate Doom
  • PrBoom (base for most unofficial console ports)
  • PlayStation
  • Switch (controls take some getting used to)
  • DSDoom
  • Doom on Vita

Better than their reputation

  • Atari Jaguar (Doom on 68000 CPU!)
  • Game Boy Advance
  • 32X
  • Super Nintendo

Worse than they should be

Want to try

  • Various Amiga ports
  • Doomsday


Game Club Discussion


Wolfenstein 3D


New Game Club Games


PaRappa the Rapper


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I Love Lightning Bugs